Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cirque du Soleil

from across the river
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Last night Tim took me out to the Cirque du Soleil - hes the bestest!

We had such a good time. First dinner at Queen of Sheba (the location of our first date years ago) and then we drove over to the Omsi to snap a few pictures of the amazing circus tents. Then across the river and down to the South waterfront where these amazing tents are set up.

Corteo was the performance that we saw - it was amazing (this is the second Cirque I've ever seen live) - women dangling off huge glittering chandeliers, strong Russian men flinging trapeze artists around in the air, jugglers, gymnasts, clowns, angels and crazy talented whistlers... the Cirque does not disappoint.

When we were waiting in line to get out of the parking area I watched as some of the performers were leaving the grounds. Some of them got onto a waiting bus (the big strong man gave them away, as he is ridiculously tall) and what really struck me was one performer (a man, one of the gymnasts) leaving on his bike. I couldn't help but smile at how he took a running start and delicately leap onto his bike. How else would a gymnast get on his bike and ride away?! Personally, when I get on my bike to ride away, I straddle it, I sit down, and then I start peddling. Tim says I always start peddling with my right foot, he gets on his bike by putting one foot on a peddle and kicking off while swinging the other leg over the back of the bike. I'm not suave like that. The cirque gymnasts are definitely suave, the one I watched ride away treated his bike like it was a prop in the circus tent.

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