Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm doing my accounting today.

I set a goal for myself last week, to do a bunch of accounting this week... today is the big day to bust it out (there is so much other business to attend to this week, so many creations to make, I only have so much time to spend on Quicken)...
But of course today has been spent doing everything in procrastination of the accounting. Quicken is open on my computer... but I have also done 3 loads of laundry, some dishes, I cleaned under my couch, I packaged up 9 boxes of glass artwork to go in the mail and there is still one mobile waiting to be wrapped and packaged... ah accounting. Clearly I don't like doing the accounting. One of these days I'll pay a book-keeper to do the dirty-work of entering all this data!

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LeaKarts said...

I love the photo of your kitty, looking all grumpy! That is some serious procrastination you've got goin' on! :)