Monday, March 3, 2008

Orange you glad...

photo taken by WGyuri and found on Flickr

I am very excited about a new color release from Bullseye Glass (a local color manufacturer that I buy a lot of my materials from). For a long time I have craved a good translucent orange... I use a lot of the 001125 - which is an orange that reminds me of the Crayola crayon "Orange Red", but what I desire is a more fruit like balance between red and yellow - a good tangerine.

Well now Bullseye has it! Yeah!

I am thinking about a whole line of orange with red-orange and some deep blue, like a transparent steel blue, almost navy... yum.


Danielle said...

That is a hot color!

I can't see what you make from it!

Fab fab color!

Danielle said...

or um....I can't wait to see what you make from it.

: )

LeaKarts said...

I can so see you hunting around for the perfect shade of orange :) It is very yummy looking!

shoozles said...

I love orange- Leah is that for sheet glass too? they have been in need of a good orange :) the red needs tweeking as well LOL

Leah said...

Michelle - I bought a sheet of this new orange (001025 30) and I'm actually not sure if they have it available in rod yet... they have been needing this new orange for a long time!!!