Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Box Cutting Machine

Check out these amazing boxes I made today! (big Thanks to my friend Maggie) She owns an Accu Cut System and oh my goodness it is this fun die cutting machine! I really like playing with crafting machines - and this one impressed the socks off me!
This is the machine. The first picture shows the types of boxes I cut (and yes, I stamped a bunch all ready!) Below is a picture of the die cutting pad for the small square box... you put a piece of paper on top of the foam pad and turn the crank, roll it thru and bam - you have a box cut out (complete with fold creases)
Here it is in action!
These little purse boxes made me swoon. And don't they look cute with my stamp! I am going to use these for packaging necklaces at the Portland Saturday market.
These little flat boxes are also perfect for jewelry... I stamped the bottoms of the larger box.
These little rectangular boxes are perfect for earrings or small figurines... a little bit of ribbon thru the top. Oh my goodness, I love my new packaging!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my best ever packaging ever!!!!! Those are awesome, yay for adorableness!

Curly Girl Glass said...

Adorable! Want.

Slumptown said...

These are so amazing! That is the coolest machine ever.