Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Weekend at the Portland Saturday Market 2010

The trees were full bloom, the weather on Saturday was sunny and mid 60's. It was beautiful and everyone in Portland came down to the waterfront this weekend! The trees above are on Naito Parkway on the corner in front of the fire department. They are so beautiful. Check out that magnolia! Its already in full magnificent tulip-tea-cup-style bloom!

The Oregonian did a great article Sunday morning about the 2010 Grand Opening of the market - Judi (pictured above in her booth Curly Girl Jewelry) was featured in the article among many good friends and great market vendors! Check out the new glass display case that Judi built (pictured above encasing the bowls of lentils), its great: no one can set their coffee cups on it (they will slide off the top), she can reach in from behind to access jewels to show customers, and best of all no more little kids sticking their fingers into the lentils and happily burying the jewelry. Brilliant. Well done Judi!
Here is a picture from south of the market in Waterfront Park. I had forgotten to put my parking pass on the car (which was parked in the parking garage a few blocks away) so I had to run to the car mid-day and produce this parking pass (whew - no ticket! yeah for my swiss-cheese memory!) and on the way back I took this picture. The market was packed. We had a record breaking day. Between photographers coming out to take pictures of the cherry blossoms along the waterfront, college kids coming down to have lunch, tourists coming down to check out the local duds, and locals enjoying the beautiful weekend - the place was bopping! The food court has never been more popular, most vendors ran out of food (this is unheard of!) by mid-day. It was great to see so many people enjoying the Portland Saturday Market. Kudos to Reid Decker for doing a great job on the advertising!! Thanks Reid - well done!
I wish I took more pictures of the cherry blossoms. You can see them in the background here, with the Steel Bridge behind them. I think its supposed to start raining tomorrow, so I might have missed my chance to get a good picture. They are amazing (and blooming way early this year!)


Curly Girl Glass said...

Was it record breaking? I believe it! Thanks for the shout out too!

Mary Pellegrini said...

Wow, what beautiful photos of the cherry trees and the market. Must have been a great day!