Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My To Do List

I like a good to-do list. Keeps me on point. I like reading other people's to-do lists as well. Wanna read mine? (you will find most of this pertains to the Portland Saturday Market this weekend)
  • configure my booth set up for this coming weekend (I am not a corner this year, I have been a corner for the last 6 seasons or so... this will be odd... I'll probably procrastinate and simply figure it out on Saturday morning... but I may create a new table this week for the non-corner spot...)
  • assemble more mini mobiles
  • finish assembling earrings
  • finish creating new mobile necklaces (ooo - new product for the 2010 season! necklaces to match my mobile earrings!)
  • clean up my 10x10 tent and take it back down to my storage under the PSM offices
  • make more mobiles
  • create at least one very large mobile to hang in the back corner of the booth
  • blog an announcement that the market is opening again this weekend
  • go down to the Crystal Ballroom and get tickets for March 4th on March 4th
  • make more yoga lady figures (now I have card sets to go with them!)
  • make sure I have boxes to package sales
  • fill out the paperwork to submit my new cards as a new product for my booth
I am sure there is more... this is just what is on my mind... I have a mild cold (thanks Tim) and my brain is sorta filled with snot. All I accomplished yesterday was shipping. Although I did A LOT of shipping. Today I am going over to my friend Maggie's house to make crafty boxes for packaging my little creations. She has an Accucut Machine and some stencils for boxes, I will be sure to take pictures :)

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