Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks Google Alert

Do you use Google Alert? I hope the answer is yes, if not - go sign up now! Put in your name and your business name... you'll get emailed when other websites, blogs... frankly anything on the internet happens to mention you or your business will end up in your email box with a link. Its awesome. Its free. And its really useful to any small business-person!

Here my google alert moment for the evening: a blog entry in which this nice artist (fellow mobile maker!!) referred to me as
"Portland's own glass mobilist and Etsy juggernaut Leah Pellegrini"
After looking up "juggernaut" in Wikipedia I can only assume it means one of 3 things.
1. I am a force to be reckoned with
2. I am a force well-worth avoiding
3. I am a force to behold!

Wow. I don't really know whether or not to feel good about this. Maybe this was just a creative word choice. I'll go with the gut feeling that we can go with #3 cuz this blog writer meant to be complimentary. Regardless, his word choice is very entertaining.

I can't let this go without a bit more fun (not just yet - its too fascinating! Wiki alone did not satisfy me!)

Juggernaut internet research results: (can you see my face going "wha?!?!" as I read these!!!)


Curly Girl Glass said...

Ha! I think the wiki definitions are right (#2 only after someone has pissed you off!). I think the blogger meant that you are amazing.
I also like the def. Blind devotion, that's the way to go!

Kathryn said...

Too funny!
I guess I ought to sign up for Google Alert for Matt and HMG!