Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Neighbor's Mobile

I have really wonderful neighbors - Eran and Abe - they are always gardening and working on their home. They have two cute little kitties Biscuit and Gravy (if you click on the picture above and look at the front door you can see Miss Gravy looking at me thru the screen door!). Last year they got married (I made them some glass bits for their cake topper!) and this year Eran asked me to make an anniversary present for her to give Abe. She came over and picked out colors that go with their home and remind them of their wedding. Turned out really beautiful (if I say so myself). A few days after their anniversary I noticed Abe had already hung the mobile! They hung it outside their front window, check out the great hook Abe found to hang it - he said he found it at Fred Meyers - what a great find! It works nicely, there is plenty of room for the mobile to dance free of the wall and window. We get a lot of wind in the spring here, so Abe also hung a hook inside where he can move it too when its not nice out.
I just had to share - and say Thank You! and Happy Anniversary! Good neighbors make a home happier, seriously. And Eran and Abe are the best!

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