Friday, September 24, 2010

Studio Pictures: Sorting Scrap and Other Fun Things

Its been a fun week of lots of glass activities... I emptied my camera and found a few gems to share... these first two pictures are of some new help that has come my way. A friend from the studio suggested I hire her friend's son to sort my scrap. He is young and very interested in glass, so he was quite excited to get the opportunity to get involved at the studio and do whatever I may need for help. I had them sort scrap, its my least favorite thing to do, but I gotta do it, I have over 100 lbs of scrap that needs to be used and turned into art! So that is what he did. And he brought a friend with him (they took the train to the studio) and the friend is in a local arts magnet school (hes into photography and likes the idea of taking pictures of glass art) and the two of them dug thru my scrap.

The first thing I did was make them sign waivers (its a public access studio, we make everyone sign waivers. Oh and I told them not to hurt themselves) and the first thing they did was set up one of their little phones to play music for themselves and then immediately got down to it and attacked a bin of red scrap. They filled yogurt cups with these bits and I was really pleased (you never really know if help is going to be good until you know) - they plowed thru at least 10lbs of red scrap in just a coupla hours. Awesome. Very useful for me. Other people in the studio caught wind of what they were doing and started mumbling "Wow, I have a lot of scrap - wanna sort mine!?" and I heard the two boys high-five each other and the sheer potential. I thought that was really cute :)
Next in my pictures is Miss Amy at the studio making a marble. Check it out - she set up her laptop next to her with the webcam on and streamed herself making a marble! She used U-Stream and said there were at least 5 people watching her. I thought this was fantastic! What a great idea. I'll have to use this concept at some point...
Last picture is just silliness :) I brought my label making machine with me to the studio and started labeling things like crazy. Most notably I put all my little wires and whatnot that are cut to specific lengths in little drawers and labeled the drawers. Its wonderful. Before I kept the wire in little baggies, I like this new system much better. Reminds me of playing with Legos when I was a kid. My engineer father kept our Legos (actually we were always told they were his legos, not ours) in drawer sets like these and each drawer was labels "2x2" or "1x3" and so on. When we played it was mandatory that we cleaned up after ourselves by taking the Legos apart and sorting them into the appropriate drawers. (I thought this was how all kids played with Legos!) There was ever a drawer for the little Lego people labeled "body parts".

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