Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Etsy Shop Maintenance

It all started so unintentionally... I was making some orange mini mobiles and I opened up my Etsy shop to make sure I was making the color combination for the listings there online... I typed in "Orange" to the search engine on my Etsy shop and was shocked to see I had no orange mini mobiles listed there at all! Wha?! Crazy oversight on my part. I love orange. I have an orange mini mobile hanging in my car right now. Quickly I fixed this lack of orange in my Etsy shop. And I made a collage of some orange mobiles that I love making :)
While I was in my Etsy shop, it seemed time to do some maintenance. I am trying to prune and get it spiffy... call it holiday prep... call it shop up-keep... I cleaned up the text on my listings last week. Today I went thru and listed a few things.

Heres what I did: I went into my shop and typed "Red" into the search field, looking at my listings by color showed me what I had overlooked. I went thru and uploaded what I could and also now I know there are a few pieces I need to photograph. By searching my shop for each color of the rainbow I was able to really fill in the gaps. It was a great way to look at my online catalog from a different perspective.

Last week I also pruned the Bike Nutz Etsy shop :) Now it looks all colorful and fun!!

Sometimes I just buckle down at the computer and get it done, happens at random times, but I quite enjoy it.

I like a colorful catalog. And I find that looking at things from a different perspective really sheds light onto a project in phenomenal ways. For a while I was using the "rearrange" feature in the Etsy catalog, which made me really know what I had listed and keep on top of things... but lately I have not been making the time. To save time, this little trick of searching my own catalog with their search engine was a quick opportunity to spiff up my shop and fill in the blanks!

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Pink Tree Studio said...

Very good idea, Leah! I'll go check out your shop!