Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chocolate Party!

Oh my goodness I went to a chocolate party last night. It was exciting! We made chocolate creations out of chocolate modeling clay at the Chocolate Studio in NE Portland.
some chocolate was tasted
and we brought libations to honor the chocolate
the proprietress made us chocolate blanks on which to craft our "cards" - they are delicious!

we had tools to work with and all sorts of cute little embellishments, edible balls and hearts and skullz and such
Glitter. Yes there were lots of edible sparkle options. There were various ways to use the sparkle on the chocolate. In particular the neat modeling clay became sticky right after sculpting (from the heat of my hands) so the sparkle luster would adhere easily with a simple paint brush.
This is the beginning of my first project... I started with a glass of wine and two different shades of orange and a white chocolate blank. I didn't know what to make! I'd been making mobiles for quite a few hours that day (holiday production is in full swing) so I went into production with the chocolate and made little tiny petals, with which I made little tiny flowers... they sparkle
My friends made all sorts of wonderful cards. There were cutters and rollers and piping chocolate, chocolate on brushes, chocolate with prints. It was pretty insane :) I think I touched about a bazillion things I wasn't supposed to. I felt like an idiot.
There were lots of different types of flowers made...
and balls... the ball tool was quiet popular as well...
In all the chocolate was both fun to eat and fun to play with - I want to buy some to play with at home!
It was a great chocolate experience - I think I might buy some kits and have a party :) Chocolate snowmen? Chocolate terrariums? Chocolate warm fuzzies?
below is a picture of the kits - as you can see they are very affordable, and they come with the "wondertool" which was the little purple number with which I made my flowers, as well as a bunch of other tools and clay... you can buy the kit on the Chocolate Craft site


SisterDG said...

Yay! I love that place. So glad you got to play with all the fun stuff!

Leah said...

Diane - I first got the idea to have a chocolate party from your blog! It looked like you ladies had so much fun - I had to do it myself! We did sort of an evening version of the chocolate party, it was a Friday night affair with cocktails afterwards down the street.