Sunday, November 28, 2010

Team Building Exercises

This garland of handmade panties has been hanging as an installation at the coffee shop across the street from Tim's apartment, the Albina Press.

While waiting for our drinks we were admiring this garland of underpants the other day... Tim told me that when he first noticed it he asked the coffee barista if it was a team building exercise. She said it was not.

This makes me laugh. A garland of handmade panties = a team building exercise?! And why would baristas have team building exercises? And panties? Why? They are pretty crafty too, some are embellished g-strings and whatnot, some are paper creations. Its pretty awesome, and strange... and I simply love the idea that making such a thing could be a team building exercise.

Maybe for my Idle Hands Ladies Auxiliary Club... now that could be a fun crafty get together!


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

that sure makes me smile too Leah. Fun post.

rosebud101 said...

That would be fun, and, perhaps, useful?

Anonymous said...

Near useless team building activity if that was the intention. Interesting none the less.

Having decorated undergarments hanging over head may change my coffee drinking experience...and I'm sure less likely to meet anyone there for business (maybe that was the intention?).

Btw, is this place in Portland?

Leah said...

yeah its a coffee shop in Portland.

and nope, not a team building exercise :) just an artistic installation

aimee said...

If you're having a panty-making team building party, I'm in!