Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tiniest of Terrariums

The tiniest of terrariums are knocking my socks off. They beg for photos. My friend Naomi took some scrumptious shots of them as well! (check out the photo below - she found some mini flowers and used the tiny empty vase!)
They make great gifts for any plant lover, even someone who is not that good at keeping plants alive. Terrariums require very little water, very little sunlight and really very little attention. All they ask is to be swooned over occasionally!
Each one is so sweet!
I love these "String of Pearls" succulent - so hardy and so cute in the little glass bubbles. They seem to thrive in these conditions. Well, they seem to thrive in just about any condition, but still!


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Leah, your terrariums are beautiful!