Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crafty Display Ideas

I've been thinking a lot about neat display ideas to spiff up my craft booth stylin' this holiday season... and I saw that Naomi at Splurge had put a bunch of my packaged mobiles in a large glass vase (see below)
and then I was at Stumptown indulging in some liquid coffee yumminess and I noticed they had put the coffee cup to-go lids in these big glass jars (see picture below) and little labels on brown craft paper were taped to the jars (these could be price tags right?!). I really like how this looks and even more, I like how it functions as a retail display. The price is clear but small, the container is glass and it holds a lot of product... and its a crafty use of something that is meant for something different!
So I have been prowling local GoodWill for big glass jars/containers (no luck so far)... I went to the craft store and stood in front of their large glass vase assortment for a while. There were a lot to choose from and I always get 40%off coupons in my email for these crafty stores, so this could be an option. I had thought I'd like the big tall cylinders, but honestly they are either too small or so tall that if I filled them up with packaged mobiles or little DIY kits, once some of the kits had sold it would be hard for customers to reach the rest at the bottom of the cylinders. This would not do! As these are supposed to entice retail purchases, not prevent them. So among the various jars/vases at the craft store I found myself captivated by the huge size round fish bowl type vase. I like em'.


Naomi said...

Fish bowls!! Love it;)

Leah said...

you are so good at displays Naomi! Your display inspired me!!