Friday, November 12, 2010

Positive Feedback

I received this email after a class I taught last night:

I totally appreciate you, your class and your teaching style! I've listened to you teach various torchworking classes over that past few months and love how much fun you make it. I'm glad that I asked you about the torchworking for fusers - I think it is really what I need to just add some additional little loving touches to my pieces. As I was falling asleep last night my mind was creating those little twisty piece candy cane type pieces (latachino?) and imagining how to use them.

Your laugh is infectious and it helped make the atmosphere so light and simple that, like you said, it really was like kindergarten and there was nothing I could do wrong.

Thanks again. Not everyone can be a great artist and also be a great teacher. I think you have done both!
-Gina Granato

Thanks Gina! And thank you for letting me share your kind words on my blog!!

I hope my students know I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me! Teaching classes for the past 7 years has been a pleasure, an act of reciprocity and a constant challenge.

Come take a class with me - I promise to show you a good time, certainly laughs will be had and you will get to play with hot glass in the flame!!


Erin said...

lucky students! you are awesome!

Cindy said...

Leah, you are an awesome instructor, I had so much fun with you last June! I am still dreaming of my own torch, maybe one day real soon....

Thanks for the inspiration and showing me a new direction for my fusing!

Let me know when the next crossover class is.


Slumptown said...

I am not the least surprised that you are a great teacher.
When are you teaching torch work for fusers again? It isn't on the calender.