Friday, August 22, 2008

Amazing Pictures

I went out to pick peaches on Sauvie's Island on Thursday with my friend Poe. The rain stopped, the sun came out, the fruit were plentiful (and gorgeous!) and

little bitty froggies were jumping around everywhere!

Affraid of stepping on them, I walked carefully and took lots of pictures. This little guy was honestly just hanging out in a beautiful fusia pink dalia.

The local variety of Dalias are in full bloom. Everything from pink pom-poms to black spikey florals. Both the frogs and the bumble-bees were hanging out in the dalias. They have good taste.

The peaches are ever so yummy and the blackberries were all-out-insane.

Last week we had a few relentless days of extreme heat (sorta late summer heat wave for Portland) and this week it was cold and raining, so the fruit seemed to be drinking up all the water and happy as could be. I was very impressed. Now I have to make pie.

So far we've made some more peach salsa. Oh my its good!


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Curly Girl Glass said...

That's a fantastic picture of the frog. I say frame that baby up! Did you save some peaches for me?