Friday, August 1, 2008

Bagby Hotsprings II

My very first blog entry was about Bagby Hotsprings. This week Tim and I went out there, its such a beautiful hike, an amazing place - truly a retreat for the soul.

Its been almost a year now that I've been blogging here in the Garden of Leah, so I thought it timely to bring it back to Bagby. Inspiration and relaxation.

I've been spreading myself thin and working a lot lately, so a little treat was what I needed. Tuesday adventures are a habit in my little life, so this Tuesday it was out to Bagby... next Tuesday, who knows? I am itching to go pick some peaches!

I think its imperative in any happy life to take a little time off regularly. For most normal people that is the weekend, or never... for me, its Tuesdays.


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