Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mile of Mobiles

I used to always buy my galvanized steel wire in small rolls, avoiding the big bulk quantities simply because they are so friggin' heavy. Never wanted to pick up that weighty roll of wire and carry it around... so I bought these small rolls, sometimes multiple times a week. Finally one day maybe a year or two ago I decided to take the plunge and buy the big amount of at least one gauge wire that I use. The spool is pretty large (as well as heavy) and claims to be 1/4mile long.

The spools get lighter as I use them, easier to pick up and move around :)

Now I am finishing the second 1/4mile spool and reminiscing... I make a lot of mobiles. Over a mile of mobiles have been made by me... at least! I really do fly thru a lot of wire. I find that funny and a little bit amazing!I consider myself a glass artist - but I am a wire artist as well I suppose. I keep it pretty simply though. Simple: wire, pliers, wire cutters.


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LeaKarts said...

Over a mile of AWESOME mobiles! That is so cool.