Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favorite things to do

Picking Peaches

Ever since I was a little girl my favorite fruit has been peaches. Perfect summer peaches. Not some out-of-season crunchy whatnot... I'm talking about the insanely sweet juicey fuzzy peaches.

Okay - so there are many peach orchards out on Sauvie's Island here in Oregon, very close to Portland. Yesturday we went and picked some. They were amazing. And pretty cheap - works out to about $1 per peach, which are more like $3each at the farmers markets in town.

As big as softballs, and you cannot eat them without bending over because of all the juice that goes dribbling down your chin. I love it. And it smelled so good in the orchard, so good.

The trees were full of ripe fruit, the ground was littered with them and bugs were having an orgy of sweet delicious feasting... I tried to take a video to capture what it felt like. I swear the peaches were singing to me "pick me! pick me!"

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