Friday, September 12, 2008

CraftyPodCast with me about Etsy Street Teams

Check it out - you can listen to me on the CraftyPod - Diane makes the best podcasts and this one keeps up with the rest. We discuss the Etsy Street Teams, of which I am part of the PDXEtsy team, the Etsy Glass Artist Team and the newly formed Portland Independent Artist Co-op.

Click the Orange Headphones to the right to listen to the PodCast or go to CraftyPod and listen there!


Shoozles said...

That was so cool! good to hear your voice. how can I listen to these pod cast every week?

Leah said...

Thanks Michelle!

I think she does them every 2 weeks or so... I'll be if you subscribe to the DIYAlert, or maybe just to the CraftyPod, your email will then tell you when there is a new one.

The last one about the custom printed fabric was great - oh and there is a "men who craft" one that is fun too!

Diane is awesome