Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fused Glass Embellishments

I am teaching a class on October 20th called "Torch for Fusers", the name says it all: you learn to make embellishments for glass fusing using a torch.

The above picture shows a glass flower that I created in the torch which later I fused down onto the glass circle.

Here you can see the finished piece.

Class takes 3 hours and you will learn a number of techniques that make for really fun embellishments. We will do flowers, petals, swooshy lines, dots, encased dots (which are pretty much really simple millefiori), latticino (swirly canes) and curly cues. Its a great way to take your fusing to the next level. Some of those design elements that involved a curved line or a rounded organic touch can be achieve by using a torch to manipulate the glass. So this class is a great way to open up your fusing, as well as a fun way to learn how to use a glass torch!

If this sounds interesting - call the Aquila Glass School to sign up or ask questions - I teach this class periodically during the year, so even if its 2009 when you are reading this, if you would like to sign up call: (503)240-9449


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Krista said...

I really wish I lived close enough to take advantage of this class. Instead, I may muddle around with the torch and see what I can come up with or just bide my time until you do a you-tube tutorial.