Monday, September 1, 2008

Cute Artists Boutique

Splurge has a new website - and I thought I'd take the opportunity to spread the word about a great artist's boutique here in Portland Or. Its called Splurge, located in NE Portland on Fremont.
Splurge is a most wonderful place to shop. Happens to be one of only 2 places where you can buy clothing made by One Root Embroidery. This weekend I got a new skirt for myself from One Root - doesn't it look great (don't mind the jeans underneath the skirt, it was kinda cold yesturday).
I love these skirts, they are embroidered with designs drawn and created by the Lee family, Erin and Byron, two really good friends of mine. If you want one for yourself, find them at the Portland Saturday Market, or at Splurge.


LeaKarts said...

You are so happy in your stylin' new skirt!

aimee said...

I'm wearing an Erin skirt RIGHT NOW! (And wearing pants underneath because it was COOOOLD this morning.)

Leah said...

yeah for skirts by One Root! They rock!!!

Shoozles said...

That is such a cute photo- you look like you were having fun