Friday, September 19, 2008

Get Crafty Kit

Okay - heres my idea - you order this fun kit from Etsy that includes everything you need to make a little fun glass mobile.

Plan a day of it:
- get some tasty food for fuel (creative juices need fuel),
- go to your local Art Museum and sit under a Calder mobile (this can be done in so many cities around the world, I love that!) and watch it dance, let you mind wander about kinetic art.
- embrace your inner child - if you can't get to a museum, go to and read all about him.
- grab some pliers and your glass mobile kit and make a mobile!
- stick your new mobile to something (sticky bits all included in kit) - and now you have made that day's smiles contagious.

if you would like to purchase more than one kit from me, or certain colors, just let me know.

It even comes with handmade directions (printed on origami paper) to help in construction. You don't have to follow the directions, but if you need assistance, the guidance will help.

Pictured above is the first kit that is now available in my Etsy Shop. I know everyone loves to get crafty - so here ya go - everything is included in this kit to make a little mobile that can stick to anything. Check it out.


autumncomfort said...

This is great Leah. What a fun idea!

Leah said...