Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Thoughts on Photography

Okay - lets talk photography - this is a popular subject in my world.

I had fun taking pictures of this little project.

The first pictures are from when I made (outdoors in the sunlight), and then back in the studio under all the photo flood lights and whatnot. Makes for a good example of what you can do on a small budget.

The second picture here shows this little tree under 3 lights - simple setup: metal hoods plugged into a surge protector with photo flood bulbs in my closet setup. Look how it pops into focus.

I barely need to use a white balance with this setup.

The third picture shows the tree in the same light setup with a greyscale background underneath.

You can use all sorts of backgrounds: colors, textures, etc... tape the back of the background paper up to the wall so that it can gently slope down underneath the item, this provides the infinite horizon.

This last picture is just for fun. I love the little birdy in the tree. Had to take a close up picture, he was proudly sitting in the sunlight, still warm from the torch.

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LeaKarts said...

I love that little tree!