Saturday, January 23, 2010

As the Sun Sets on My Beach Trip

I took hundreds of pictures in the last few days. Literally. At least 120 of this particular sun set in all its glory. Lots of dogs running on the beach, kiddos playing with sand, adults crafting and relaxing... we did a lot of beach golfing and my constant picture taking (with the continuous shot function) made for fun times analyzing the nuances of our golf swing. I really enjoyed beach golf. We had a completely empty beach, so it was fun to hit the heck out the balls and then run around trying to find them.
Lots of crafts and tasty cocktails were enjoyed as well. Oh and the food has been delicious! We tried to go easy on our wallets and shopped in advance at Cosco and Trader Joes... we have enough food to last us 3 more days. And it only cost us $17 per person from Cosco. That fits in my budget! This morning I openned my bedroom door to delicious smells of home-made frittata (Thanks Naomi!!!) and this evening Brandon and I sweated it out over the pasta roller and made spaghetti from scratch. It turned out great! And we even made one batch with avocado instead of egg (which turned out green and delicious!)

Here's a recipe from the trip - a specialty cocktail worth trying!

"the Spicy Ho"
- infuse vodka with jalapeno peppers (let peppers soak in vodka for at least a few days)
- squeeze a lime into a tall glass, put squeezed lime peels in glass as well
- add vodka and seltzer water
- mix and enjoy


Naomi said...

The Pasta was fabulous! Ummmm, and the Spicy Ho was delightful;)

rosebud101 said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Good for you!