Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bike Nutz pt II

My bike has nutz now. They are glittered walnuts! Oh yeah. Here's a little pictorial of the fun!

my super cool copper bike

Tim's bike

Micah's bike

the turquoise ballz got a full on photo-shoot with lights all all

5 year old Micah got his glitter nut groove on!

here are some nuts waiting to be glued (Tim is the master nut cracker that can get the nuts apart perfectly in half like this - thanx Tim!) - I like the reflection of the nutz in the glass in this picture

me getting my glitter on with the bandage and all... my thumb is doing much better - see I can use it!

Naomi admiring her work!

We spray-coated them in clear acrylic and looped them under the back of the bike seats. Bike Nutz. I love em!!!


aimee said...

How long before we see :D

Leah said...


I need a source for walnuts, shell intack...

Mary Kelly said...

That is so hilarious. Have you got any comments yet from other riders on the street?

Leah said...

I must admit I don't ride my bike around much in the rain... and Tim has a broken wheel and bike drama, so we've been driving the car mostly.

More bike nutz to come though - and when they start getting out there - oh the bling will sure to get comments! for shizzle!