Monday, January 4, 2010

Thumbs Are Handy Digits

Okay, I think I tried to cut off my left thumb this weekend. Seriously bad cut, moderately painful, minimal bleeding (speedy fist clamping reaction and holding my hand over my head). ***shout out to my Mom if you are reading this - I am fine and healthy, all is good, I am just a klutz and I don't mean to make you worry! With that said ... I thought I'd share some pictures of said thumb, because I love reading blog posts like this (really I do, does that make me weird?)

If you are one of those people that get squeamish easily, don't read this post :) I take the bandage off in the next picture - so don't look if you don't want to!!!
If you are like me and like reading about other people's drama - and want to see pictures of the gory details. Here ya go. I am an idiot. And I spend most of my life around sharp glass edges and cutting tools.
But I didn't do this while working - all I did was take out the trash(which somehow makes this even scarier to me, the germs and sheer potential is just gross)! It was such a small normal moment in life and somehow (I am not sure what bit me) I suddenly realized my thumb was cut, my hand was in a fist, and when I pried the fingers apart my thumb came open! Seriously! I wasn't expecting this. I got to see way more of my internal thumb flesh than I would have preferred. I am not a big fan of the whole "lets go to the emergency room!" Stitches - pishaw - I'm a woosy when it comes to hospitals. So yeah, I put a thick plastic comb in my mouth and bit hard while I generously poured rubbing alcohol thru the open cut. I don't think rubbing alcohol was the best thing to use, but I was freaking out at the infection potential and this was the first stuff to come to mind. Then held it over my head till it got dry enough to glue shut. This skin-glue stuff is currently my best friend! Although it is useless if you can't get the bleeding to stop. In this particular case - skin glue saved the day!

Fortunately, I am healing quite well, no swelling or puss. Its painful though. Painful as hell when I forget and try to do things. Anything I previously would grip with my left hand is now a challenge to figure out how to do without using my thumb. I am right-handed, and its my left thumb that I cut... so that leaves me advantaged in this situation. However, most things require both opposable thumbs.

can I use your bloggy ear to whine for a minute... let me tell you what is a pain in the ass to do without the use of your left thumb: clipping and un-clipping a bra clasp... unbuttoning my pants... tieing my shoes... that's just the normal every day stuff. I reach for something and grab it and suddenly I am in excruciating pain as the glue tries to hold my thumb together for me. Or if I spread my hand at all... you get the idea. Opening jars, not so easy, driving stick shift is also pretty awkward, packaging up orders was a b*tch as I am so used to having two hands to fold the boxes and tape things up, the tape gun almost brought me to my knees... oh and showering, I haven't tackled this hurdle yet (bag around hand? I dunno about this, but I am not about to make this wound any worse) so instead I am tackling trying to put my hair in a pony tail, which requires some kind of Jedi skillz to do without two thumbs. Sheesh. I use my left hand a lot in life, fortunately its a slow after-holiday time for me so I am laying low and letting it heal. Which it is doing spectacularly in spite of me being a stubborn klutzy lady.

It could have been worse, I thank my lucky stars that I still have two thumbs, and in a matter of days (or weeks?) I will be able to use both again!


rosebud101 said...

Leah, I don't think I could ever be as brave as you are! I would have been running to the ER and crying! You are a brave woman! I hope the thumb feels better very soon!

aimee said...

Yikes! The thumb is a really inconvenient place for an injury. I had 9 stitches in my right thumb after putting my hand through a window, and lemme tell ya... THAT SUCKED. Bathing was the worst -- couldn't get the stitched hand wet, so I had to put it in a bag while I sat in the tub.

Leah said...

yeah the bathing concept is something I have been dreading.

So yesterday I went and got a haircut! Just so I could avoid washing my own hair for a couple more days. :)

Taking a bath is one thing, washing my hair is a whole nuther challenge!

Mary Pellegrini said...

Hi Leah,
Great minds think alike. I glued my last big cut on my hand also. Except I used my glue gun! Painful, but the heat killed the germs and the glue really held it together a long time. Can't even see the scar now. The ER sucks. I did go and after an hour and not even making it to the insurance form filling person, I left and was angry enough to use my glue gun instead. Worked great!
Love Mom

nancyturtle said...

You did just what they would have done in the ER, except they would have used Betdine instead of alcohol. They may or may not have numbed it first, but that hurts just as much. Keep watching for infection as it heals. Any increase in pain, swelling, or heat in the area, you probably should see a doctor for antibiotics.
Nancy Nurse signing off. :)

Leah said...

Mom - you made me laugh!!! We are so very very very much alike.

Nancy - thanks for the heads up, its comforting to know I'm not crazy insane :)

thumb update: healing great, no swelling or heat in the area, function returning (as in I forget that I can't use it ALL THE TIME and thus its getting plenty of exercise - I can even do my bra clasp again!). There is some numbness in the thumb... tingles and whatnot as it heals...

the glue is still on... I am not sure when it will start to come off. I am not going to peel it - its comin off on its own. In my experience with this skin glue, it sorta peels off a few days later when the cut no longer needs it. In this case its been 6 days and its still holding tight. hm...