Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Adventure

I went snow-shoeing with Tim today up on Mt Hood. We tried something a bit different, took the shoes up to Timberline and hiked around up there. In the past we've focused on trails down by Ski Bowl and Government Camp. Up at Timberline most of the snowshoe/cross-country ski trails headed straight down, but a nice lady at the lodge gave us the advice to head straight across the slopes to "Stormin' Norman" (one of Timberline's large ski lifts) and just keep going. It wasn't a terribly busy day on the slopes, so crossing the ski trails wasn't so bad. A little strange though. I am more accustom to following a trail and keeping out of the way of the speedy down-hill folks... this time we had to watch for them coming and run for cover! Even in the trees the occasional snow-boarder would fly thru looking for smooth un-touched powder. We managed just fine though, no close encounters! And the adventure was fun. I love Timberline and I have never been up there in the snow without a lift pass. It was interesting to just walk around. We brought a little picnic with us and found a spot outside the ski area where it was peaceful and quiet to sit and enjoy the snow. It felt like Christmas with the snowflakes slowly falling.

As usual I took tons of pictures, I posted some more of them on Flickr. Here is a funny little video I took of snowboarders hitting this little jump (and a few skiers) - we had to wait till the slope cleared to cross in our shoes - this was definitely the busiest spot to cross. I took this video while we waited. Lucky for us the lift seemed to shut down for a while and suddenly it was all empty for us to walk across.

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Naomi said...

Fun!!! A mountain fix is what the Dr. ordered;)