Friday, January 15, 2010

Dust Bunnies Running and Jumping

Ever since Christmas I've had it on my mind to clean up around here... Life gets busy over the years and the dust bunnies run amok.

I attacked my "office/shipping area". Much needs to still be done, but I cleared out 3 bags of trash/recycling. There are some old computers around here that need to be donated to that local computer place that teaches kids how to work with computers... what is that place called? I know you have to pay to donate, but at this point I am glad to see them gone. Seriously. I am drawing the line at CPUs and monitors. Something needs to be done. You know what I'm saying.

At the glass school there is an ongoing project to consolidate my shelves of stuff. Tools, glass, scrap, frit, components, wire bits and stencils and general whatnot all exist on some shelves that I share. Its that time of year to neaten it up a bit and consolidate. My friend Denis has been using the top shelf and wrangling a ladder to access his stuff on a daily basis. That has got to change! So I am moving down so he doesn't have to use a ladder. And I am short, so I don't mind using the bottom shelves. Well, to be honest I already use the bottom shelves :) I am just wiggling out of one of them to another one of them. ha!

I have so much glass in varying pieces and shapes. Lovely stuff that I adore, but its also a pain in my ass really. There is this one 25lbs box of scrap COE90 fusible glass that I think I might just need to get rid of. As opposed to all the other hundreds of pounds of scrap glass that I have, this particular box has followed me around for at least 5 years. Its very dusty. Its good glass, I just don't care about it anymore. Its one cardboard box that I'd rather not have in my life. I'm either going to donate it to a school or sell it via Craigslist. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

I feel I should do the same here at my studio at home. There is a lot of glass that I've had since 2000. That is ridiculous to me and it seems like there is someone out there who might like to use it.

I know I am going to make up a box of glass to take to my tax lady. She is good at trying to save money and she also is a glass artist - I know she will appreciate a whole bunch of free borosilicate clear and color (even if it is in small pieces). Elaine do you read this blog? I'll bring you some glass when I come to get my taxes done :)

I have plans to make large mobiles out of some of my scrap glass... sorta like these ones that I made with my friend Aimee. See how the color is in all these little pieces melted into the clear glass... I am thinking of doing something like this and cutting the mobile shapes out of this patterned glass. Aimee's mobiles turned out fantastic. I need to make more! It uses up all these funny shaped little pieces of scrap.


aimee said...

Are you thinking of Free Geek? :)

Leah said...

yep! thatd be the one

Ta-Dah said...

Hi Leah,
Keep me in mind if you decide to sell the glass. I just bought a small kiln, and I would love to buy some colorful scrap.

Erin said...

LOVE the mobile...

Mary Kelly said...

Oh the scraps mobile is really pretty. I have some crap to take to free geek too and goodwill.. and scrap. I think for crafters spring cleaning is every month. I surely couldn't wait a whole year to do this.