Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Craft

I have some work in a small exhibit at the MoCC. Check it out! I took pictures in case you can't make it to the Museum in person.
Its a great exhibit of DIY things you can find and buy on Etsy that are all made by artists here in Portland Oregon. Its part of a new relationship between the Museum, Etsy and PNCA. My little mobile making kit is included amongst good company...
A cheese making kit! This one really caught my eye... Tim and I have been talking about making cheese for Valentines Day... wouldn't that be fun!? Maybe?
A bag from Bossa Nova Baby - I love how they displayed it stuffed with yarn :)
And this awesome table (I didn't know that it came in pieces and you assemble it like a puzzle and paint the individual pieces how-ever you would like!)

There are many more goodies in the exhibit... it'll be at the MoCC for the next few months up in the Labs.


rosebud101 said...

Wow! How fun is that! I love that table!

Mary Kelly said...

Dude that table is awesome!

It's so cool that you are displayed up there. Neato burrito!

aimee said...