Friday, April 30, 2010

Gathering of the Guilds

Come visit at the Convention Center - the Gathering of the Guilds of Oregon is in full force down there. The Glass Guild (in which you can find my work), the Potters Association, the Metal Arts Guild, Woodworkers, the Bead Society, Handweavers and much much more are all representing with artwork from hundreds of local guild members. Its really an incredible show!

Some facts:
  • the OPA (Potters Association) is the largest ceramic showcase in America!
  • there are wonderful demos happening all the time in the Ceramic show as well as the Glass show (I might be doing some demos for the glass show in the evenings...)
  • Crafty Wonderland will be there too on Saturday and Sunday
  • hours of operation: 10am-9pm Fri and Sat. 10-5pm on Sunday
  • its FREE so come check it
I'll take some pictures later today... seems odd to post this without pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera when I was setting up yesterday...

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