Friday, April 2, 2010

Long Week... Feeling Ragged

Its been a long week... sometimes juggling many balls isn't so easy. Teacher, student, artist, friend, sister, lover, book-keeper... which of these titles doesn't fit with the rest?! Ah yes, book-keeper. I am more of a professional procrastinator than a book-keeper!! ha! So now is crunch time. This weekend I am staying in and hitting the books. The Quickbooks that is :)

Actually, to be honest, Quickbooks has kicked my ass and I retreated with my tail between my legs and bought a new copy of Quicken as well. Quicken is so simple in comparison! I am signing myself up for a class in the ol' Quickbook. Previously I have used Quicken for 7 years and it did the job, but not much more. Since my computer was stolen I am faced with starting completely new and fresh, I thought I could handle the new software. Might as well make the best of that disaster and do my books in a new way that would be even more beneficial to my business. Quickbooks offers a lot in terms of tools that would be useful to my growing business. Unfortunately it also causes head-aches and nausea. I have an appointment with my tax lady on Monday - no time to f around with new software.

So that is my week. My own personal hell. And yes I have considered paying a CPA. Instead the week wizzed by me in a whirl-wind of 2 classes (Making Marbles on Monday and Introducing Beadmaking on Wednesday) and 3 meetings, software snafu's and constant creating to keep up with inventory and sales - I keep meaning to post pictures of my glasswork or classes or whatnot... just hasn't happened.

I promised myself no playing hooky and taking adventures until my book-keeping is done. This includes taking zillions of pictures and spending my free time editing photos to share on the ol' blog. All work and no play - that is what procrastination manifests.

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Mary Pellegrini said...

Starting Quickbooks at tax time is too hard! You can definately do it. I used it and it helped my business. It is just a data base tool added to a Quicken. So it means adding alot of customer and supplier addresses and data. The big trick to the dbase for me was using the tab key when I wanted to use the return/enter key. I suggest using it only for the business stuff and not the personal accounts. I used the online version of Quickbooks which was cheaper and avoided the computer disaster element (cuz it was all stored in the cloud.)