Monday, April 26, 2010

the Story: Printmaker and a Glass Artist Exchange

The LeJa Method - as Jan and I like to call it - has been created out of months of experimenting and brainstorming.

An exchange of ideas, a printmaker and a glass artist, coming together to bring traditional block printing methods to results in art glass.
Jan has carved hundreds of linoleum blocks with her original images over the years - we now sell simple glass plates showcasing her prints in different colors. The image is sealed within the glass and appears clear and crisp, little imperfections and unique qualities that speak true to hand printed imagery.
We sell a tutorial on that offers an inexpensive resource for the printing techniques and tips and tricks for different color results.
It started with my desire to get images into my fused glass art. Printing on the glass in my mobiles offer a new potential to tell a story, adding content and texture to my work... I am so process oriented though... so in the end it became more about the process and we really locked down on a simple and successful method of printing in glass.
I have blogged occasionally about the process and the antics - and this post is intended to be a reference - a table of contents of sorts

we play with different ink types, glass powders, glass frits, other powders and whatnot until we achieved the desired result: a clear image in a variety of colors!

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