Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh Ballz.

This week has been a hard week - long week - it had its up and downs.

Low Point: I was sick. Down with some nasty germs that took me out and made me lie in bed and sleep for a few days. Sneezing, coughing, sore throat, headaches and chills... the whole germy 9 yards. Not fun.

High Point: I went out to the Cirque du Soleil (awesome!), went to the driving range with Tim (also awesome) and I managed to squeak out a bunch of work by the end of the week. Okay, maybe not a bunch - but things did get done. I went down to Bullseye and restocked on a whole rainbow of glass colors, and a heap of clear glass. I've got summer shows to stock up for, this is pressing on my mind. Mobiles were made, orders were filled and shipped, glass was cut clean and fired in the kiln. But thats about it, and honestly it sounds like I did a lot when really I did a lot of sitting around on my ass blowing my nose.
I would love to send a note to the germs that infested me and tell them to stop being so exhausting! Its really inappropriate timing and unacceptable. I've got a business to operate and glass to play with. Impending shows to prepare for. I need more motivation and less germs.
The market was exhausting today - Portland weather was weird, some rain, some cold, some warmth... I took this picture of my booth with one of the fun Jelly Lens toys (the wide angle jelly)... the pictures of the Cirque were taken with the Jelly Toys as well, the sparkle lens one... and it was kinda drizzly out, which made for even more sparkles from the water on the car windows...

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Erin said...

Hi leah! Sorry you were sicko... Orson & I send our get well wishes from the farm!