Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Rains Here in Portland

Its been raining a lot in Portland. And hailing. And snowing up on Mt. Hood. Easter vacationers are getting lots of powder to ski on this weekend, sorta unusual, but the ski resorts love it! Down here in the valley its just been rainy, on and off, and windy, and pretty wet. Good weather for staying indoors and doing my accounting! :) I will not be vending at the Portland Saturday Market this weekend. If you're looking for me down there - email me - I am probably sitting in front of my computer doing accounting!

This umbrella pictured above is an old favorite of mine. The goldfish swims in the handle, and its bright orange. I love it. I have a small collection of umbrellas. Although Portland rain is somehow superior to umbrellas. You just don't really need em, most of the time. But I like them none the less. Most of the time locals just use a water proof jacket.

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Curly Girl Glass said...

like anyone we know would be caught with an umbrella!* so uncool in Portland!

*except those with small children