Monday, May 3, 2010

Crafty Wonderland Summer 2010

Yesterday I had a chance to go check out the Crafty Wonderland summer extravaganza - it looked like 2 days of awesome! I had a booth at the Oregon Glass Guild show, the Crafty Wonderland was happening just around the corner in the Convention Center. So while my boothmates watched the booth in the Glass Guild, I ran over to Crafty Wonderland!

Here's the story: I had to get up early and run down to the Portland Saturday Market. I worked my booth there on Saturday and had taken it all down that night, but I forgot to tell the market staff that I wouldn't be there on Sunday (you have to keep the staff well informed so someone else can fill in my spot!). So Sunday morning I realized this and ran down there super early to correct this mistake. Since I was up and out I figured I'd go over to the Convention Center early and sit in line to get one of the infamous free swag bags (first 200 people in the door get these bags - last year at Christmas 2000 people lined up to get these bags!). I didn't realize that CW didn't open till 11, so I stopped to get myself a cup of tea and I was plenty early and secured a spot to get a swag bag. Fortunately my friend Stacey was there and we got to sit and chat for the hour or so and the time wizzed by. Next thing I knew I had a bag full of stuff in my hands and I was wandering the show.

Ever wonder what is in one of these bags? Well I can show you mine! I picked thru it and took a picture of the precious goodies... there were a lot of coupons and postcards as well... but this is the core goodness (not pictured is the awesome bag I received containing the booty)
I received (from top to bottom, left to right sorta, you can click on the picture to zoom in and see more details): confetti, a sticker, the cutest little pair of earrings, lots of cool buttons (I stopped and made the Hello Craft button at their crafty table), a crocheted olive, a coaster, a sketchbook, and two wonderful greeting cards. It was fun filled bag! Especially because the bag of confetti had exploded - so it really was like a party in a bag!

One of the buttons says: Give your hands a hug!

Pictured at the top of this post are my purchases from the show - I couldn't resist, but I only splurged on two little things... the cupcake painting is for myself - bought it from Izzy: one of the children selling their artwork there - its so tiny and so orange and so cute! The little houses with plants in them are from My House Party (gifts for Tim - his birthday is approaching fast)

My vote for best booth setup there: Badge Bomb - they made a cardboard replica of downtown Portland, put the artists names they represent on the tops of the building and the details are just incredible. Heres a link for the picture

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Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

So glad I got to see you, Leah! Your demo was so interesting!!! Glasd you were were able to snag SWAG bag :~)