Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glass Frogs

Monday I taught a torchworking class at the Aquila Glass School - we made frogs out of borosilicate glass. Such fun in the studio - as always! If you'd like to come join me for a class like this sometime, and curious about what you will make - check it out! We made little frogs that I call "Coqui" because they are small and cute like little Puerto Rican Coqui frogs... Pictured below is a little handful of frogs I brought home to photograph so I could share in my blog what we made:Glass Coqui frogs and frogs on rocks (less fragile - no little feet that can break off) and frogs on pendants (wearable frog sculptures) - last night we also made some lizards on pendants (pictured in the first shot in this blog post)

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Carly said...

Hi Leah!

I had so much fun making frogs with you! It definitely got my interest back in glass... I tend to be an all-over-the-board "crafter" and am really trying to find my true artsy passion and master it! You are a wonderful teacher and I so appreciated your patience with me!

Hope to see you again soon!