Thursday, May 27, 2010

I went to a retail display seminar

saving bucks while making bucks

I went to a retail display seminar at Portland Store Fixtures last night - it was quite exciting - a free opportunity to hear the advice of Linda Cahan author of "100 displays for less than $100". Linda has been in visual merchandising for decades, working for companies like Macy's and Saks, her resume is amazing - much including being an Instructor at Parsons School of Design, Visual Merchandising 1983 - 1995.

The seminar was interesting - combining her studies of Feng Shui and her knowledge of the human experience in "shop therapy". Linda explained her concepts of retail merchandising with great pictures to show us how vertical color arranging and targeting sensory perception (among other things!) could benefit our stores. It was a good seminar, she really pointed out how independent retailers like ourselves can get creative and take advantage of our opportunities.

Here is a quote she used:

“Emotion is at the foundation of people buying things they don’t need. Reason is always secondary in the purchase decision.”

From Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need by Pamela N. Danziger

Linda Cahan's book is available at

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