Friday, May 28, 2010

Seeking Sunshine

What to do when the rain in Portland won't let up: go to Kah-Nee-Ta Warm Springs Reservation! The resort there touts 300 days of sunshine a year. I went out there for a quick trip with some friends and it was heaps of fun. Yeah for sunshine.
Kah-nee-ta is known for their wonderful sunny swimming pools (which they keep a warm 90 degrees or so! it was great! and there are waterslides!) and I went and slept in a Native American teepee. I've seen the insides of teepees before, but this was my first opportunity to sleep in one overnight. Pretty amazing I must say, they are huge! Sorta like camping, but everything is sorta indoors - I like it!
The resort and campgrounds are about 20 miles or so within the Warm Springs Reservation land. Driving in the sites were incredibly beautiful. There were a lot of horses grazing. Some horses out in the middle of the road blocking traffic. And an amazing cloudy sky from all the rain in the distance.
Its still raining back here in town - but thankfully I got to see the sun out at Kahneeta. It was fun to swim in the pool and enjoy the warmsprings water.


Erin said...

i'm so sad we couldn't go! looks likes you all had fun!

Mary Pellegrini said...

I want to go there!
By the way, check these out. think you should send a link to Real Simple for yours