Monday, June 28, 2010

Any Suggestions for Fava Beans

I fell in love with these Fava Beans at the farmers market. I know there are a myriad of things I could do with them, but I am not particularly inspired... do you have any suggestions? Favorite recipes? Advice?

Okay I also had to share some gratuitous shots of my own garden production... check out this beautiful pot of lettuce. My wonderful neighbor gave me these starts and they produce salad a few times a week for Tim and I! The lettuce seems to be the only thing I have that really didn't mind all that rain.Align Center
This basil is gorgeous - its a starter from Trader Joes. I couldn't resist.
as you see, my own basil starts suffered in the gloomy Portland spring. Endless rain did not make my basil flourish. Instead they seemed to get eaten by slugs.
one last picture - the kitty was sitting there talking to me while I was taking pictures - I do believe he is saying "feed me".

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SisterDG said...

I loves me some fava beans! This video shows one recipe, and has links to others in the show notes: