Friday, June 4, 2010

New Display Tables

New display tables in the making... Tim is helping me with this wood project (his forte)... I found these round table tops at Portland Store Fixtures - there were 3 and I bought them all! How perfect, they already had metal fixtures on the bottoms to attach them to a base - wha?! I know, they only cost me a few bucks a piece and I love sets of 3... I am thinking of having them each be a different height and making a cluster of them, the three round tables. The display furniture I use currently is too big to fit in the car. I need to drive to out of town shows, and I need the displays to compact small enough that the car can mainly be used to transport my work. Display surfaces are key. I can hang mobiles in the space to keep things funky, but I still need tables for displaying packaged work and business cards and whatnot. I think these tables will be brilliant!
Here the first proto-type table (they are small like pedestals) is displaying my wonderful matryoshka dolls. These little white dolls are actually plastic measuring cups for the kitchen! My friend found these for my birthday - thanks Naomi! I love them and I've used them to measure stuff already.

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Erin said...

i love those measuring cups! and i keep meaning to tell you how great your booth looks at market...