Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working in Circles

Working hard these days. Production has to happen. These two hands of mine make everything that I sell. There are some new shops that will be representing my work (eek - gotta make sure to get those shipments out in a timely fashion!) and this weekend I will be in Seattle for a two day show (the Fremont Fair) so I am extra stocking up on inventory. Seems to be kinda silly sometimes: I make things, they sell, I need to make more things, I get orders for things... the idea of a live inventory is very cyclical.

I am also teaching classes this week, Monday evening I taught an Introduction to Torchworking class, today I am teaching a Beginner Beadmaking class. Monday evening was a one-on-one class and I helped a woman learn to start making lampworked beads for her work. www.lea-designs.com (that is her website - she has her fused jewelry up)

I don't usually blog about such details... however now I am... my brain is lacking for blog content lately, so I thought it might be interesting to share what my week is really like...

This particular week is amped up. The Summit of Awesome will be rocking out all weekend starting today. White Elephant Party tonight. I will try and take pictures.

Tomorrow I am speaking with Lucy and Ryan Berkley about commissioned and collaborative work. I'm stoked to be at a conference in the Kennedy School (I love this space!) and the talk should be fun. Its the only day I will have to really enjoy the conference. So I will be attending as many talks/demos as possible.

For some reason I am a bit nervous about driving up to Seattle for the Fremont Fair. Its an event I've never done before. New set-up display stuff, and only little ol' me to set it all up. (Big shout out to Tim for helping on the weekends at the Saturday Market - THANK YOU!) This time I am on my own. The booth is taking the passenger seat in my car for the drive up. :) Luckily I am staying with some friends who also are vending at the event for the weekend, that will be fun! But its going to be a long drive with a car full of lots of stuff. 10feet x10feet square takes quite a bit of stuff to make it look really cool.

Yesterday I took these pictures while I was attempting to be in production mode...

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Erin said...

you will rock seattle! good luck with set-up... just remember you're a pro! if orson was a little older/stronger, i'd send him with to be your crew :)