Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Skies!

At long last - Portland Oregon is seeing blue skies!!! The sun is out, and while there is work to be done, I must take time off and appreciate this good weather. Its summer!
I have been so busy work, creating, and showing my work - its fine time to take a few days off and enjoy the sunshine. I've gardened, worked on the yard in general, bbq and naps in the hammock. The sweet life.

Wednesday I went to the Farmers Market downtown with Tim and Poe. It was scrumptious! My first farmers market visit of the year. We bought everything our hungry little eyes desired! Brooks Cherries (they only come out once a year -and it happened to be today! Sweet red plump cherries), huge fat fava beans, fresh garlic and sweet onions, fresh morel mushrooms, amazing looking purple kale, juicy red raspberries, fresh caught Salmon from the Native American fishmonger, jumbo eggs from the little fresh egg stand... clearly we had no self control, I love to grocery shop at the Farmers Market. Of course there were a few cookies and little french donuts purchased as well... how could we resist!

Yesterday we headed out in a canoe on the Willamette River. It was a neat - we rented a boat at Alder Creek (near Omsi on the SE side of the river) and rowed against a light wind into the industrial area. Under 6 bridges (and a barge was coming thru so we got to paddle under 3 bridges while they were raising!) and the Steel bridge had 2 trains(Amtrak and a cargo train), 2 light rail trains and normal traffic all going on while we went under it - that felt kinda crazy! Anyhow... I brought my camera with me and it had no memory card it in (doh!), so no pictures. It was a beautiful day. We wore sunblock and I had a big hat, so no sunburns. My body is sore now, we paddled that boat very quickly back thinking that we were late to return the rental boat, no breaks on the way back! Our leisurely picnic 5 miles up the river had us rowing as hard as possible all the way back. I was so tired afterwards I didn't know if I'd be able to carry the boat up the ramp back into the garage!
Okay - back to work... my phone has died (seriously, the screen simply went black, it still works, but I can't read anything on it, so its pretty darned useless) and I need to go get a new one... among other things.

If you're in Portland here... maybe I'll see you at the Saturday Market - I'll be there all weekend (hopefully the sun will as well!)

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