Friday, June 18, 2010

Press in Neighborhood Notes

Check out this wonderful article

Over the last couple years I have become friends with Matt and his wife Kathryn, of Ekko Mobiles and we had the opportunity to do this interview together and it turned into a lengthy wonderful discussion about mobiles, why we make them, why we love them and how to take pictures of them! This is my cup of tea, seriously. I could sit around chatting about this kind of stuff all day! Fortunately I had plans for a private class that afternoon so eventually I had to rush out in the rain to continue my day...

Let me say this website was such a pleasure to work with, the writer Erin Codazzi and the photographer Ken Aaron were really into the mobiles - Erin pitched this story and contacted all of us out of the blue! The article is out now and ready for you to read.

photo above taken by Ken Aaron for Neighborhood Notes

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