Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Earrings for Pammie

Sea glass... little pieces of colored glass that have been tumbled by the ocean and left with a satin finish and rounded shape. Who doesn't love finding sea glass on the beach!

Well these little earrings are not actual sea glass, they are handmade by me (not the ocean) and they are etched (not tumbled) but the look is scrumptious and similar.

My Aunt Pammie passed away recently (leukemia) and with her last breath the world lost an amazing woman. Sad does not cover it, my brain has been pretty confused processing her death. I wasn't sure whether I felt it was appropriate to writing this story on my blog, but I decided to share.

Nearly every time I saw Pammie we would visit the ocean, the Jersey Shore or the beaches around Santa Cruz - when Pam was at the beach she was smiling.

There was an amazing service held by her family and friends a week ago. I took with me these earrings that I made in her honor.

I seem to process things by keeping my hands busy... and I wanted to make something while I thought about how much she had meant to me.

I started with one piece of glass that looks like sea water and cut it up into tiny bits. Once fired with little wires embedded in them I put them in etching cream for a night to achieve the look of having been tumbled by the ocean. Faux beach glass. I then made little sterling silver ear wires for them (thanx Judi for hanging out with me while they oxidized and tumbled - the bubbly and strawberries were wonderful).

I think Pammie would have like them.

In all I think I made about 2 dozen pairs of sea glass earrings to take with me. All of her close female friends, her daughter, sister-in-law, and nieces - they all got to picked out a pair of earrings, I kept the last pair.
It was quite touching to see everyone wearing them out at her memorial. They were glowing in the sunlight. Makes me choke up just writing this and looking at the pictures.

Pammie I loved you
and I will never forget you.

I am inspired now to make more sea glass earrings to share in my online shop. A portion of the proceeds from their sale will be donated to Hospice of the Valley.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your Aunt Pammie. She sounds like a wonderful person. She will be missed.

The earrings were a thoughtful and lovely idea. I love sea glass. A nice touch.

rosebud101 said...

What a wonderful way to honor your wonderful aunt! Peace and blessings to you and your family!

LeaKarts said...

Hey Leah, I somehow missed this post but came across it while catching up with your blog tonight. I am so sorry about your Aunt! I love what you did with the earrings. *hugs*