Friday, July 31, 2009

Truck Farming

I recently read amost wonderful book by Novella Carpenter about a woman (the author) farming on squatted land in Oakland. Its called Farm City and I highly recommend it! She's an urban farmer that raises crops as well as animals, I love this concept! Last weekend my friend Maggie (who found this book and happens to be an urban farmer herself) went on a "Coup Tour" of chicken coups all over the Portland area. She said one of the chicken coups was all decked out with a solar door that would open at sunrise and close at sunset (there were other geeky details of this particular coup that I forget). There are chicken coups and little farms all over Portland. I have tomatoes growing upsidedown and long beans trailing up my lamp-post in front of my house... its not much but I get to eat the vegies of my labor :)

Anyhow I digress... this video below is part of a series that is being released on YouTube... so far you can see the first two episodes.

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