Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mobile of Rainbows

After some serious procrastination I have finally finished this beautiful mobile of prisms. A big thank you shout out to my friend Maggie for making this happen! Without your help I don't how I would have done this!
Here's the story - a customer of mine gave me a prism collection to make a mobile. Lots of prisms, at least a hundred I would guess (I never did count). The sheer quantity intimidated me, but the fun of all these rainbow-makers tickled my brain.
I told my friend Maggie about the project and she lit the fire under my butt to get going on the project. We got together 3 or 4 times to complete the mobile. At first it was just a matter of digesting all the little (and big!) prisms, connecting strong plastic coated steel wire to each one (fishing line degrades in UV light).
In the end I think the mobile turned out gorgeous. Its hard to take good pictures of a mobile, especially one so busy and translucent as this one... but I think I captured the process :)

I especially like the big ball prisms, they were my favorite - they are at least 2" in diameter and absolutely wonderful! If you click on the picture above (or any of the pictures) they get bigger so you can see the detail of these awesome prisms.
There were 5 prisms I picked out right from the get-go, sorta the geeks of the bunch, the odd ones that stuck out like sore thumbs. I made a small mobile out of just them :)


Erin said...

so pretty!

rosebud101 said...

That is a stunning mobile!

Naomi said...

Beautiful! Those custom orders I really procrastinate and kinda don't like, really get my blood going and I end up learning a couple things in the end. It's bitter sweet.