Friday, July 10, 2009


I usually spend Fridays getting ready for a weekend vending at the Portland Saturday Market. Today is no exception.

Are you curious what that entails? Well, for me at least its a matter of inventory mostly. Other bits on the to-do list every Friday are making sure I have change $$ for the weekend, checking the weather to see what I am going to be dealing with, do the laundry so I have clean clothes to wear :)

Artwork inventory is a whole nuther matter though. I am constantly keeping up with inventory - every weekend many of my pieces find new homes, so each week I have to restock! I try to make things in batches, say 10 or 20 at a time (I know I am low-scale in terms of quantity, but hey - its all handmade! I figure there should be a little uniqueness to everything, and if I do thinks in too much quantity that uniqueness sorta dissolves).

I work with the glass earlier in the week so that by Friday it will be cool and out of the kiln, ready for me to assemble into mobiles. If I need something for the weekend, I have to have made the glass pieces early in the week.

Today I am putting together more mini mobiles in rainbow colors (pictured above are little orange pieces that I arrange with blue triangles and red yellow and purple dots to make little mini mobiles) and long mobiles I call Chakra circles... a few other mobiles will inevitably get put together as the evening progresses.

And today I've been getting a lot of work done on my new-old picnic table! Its so nice to be able to work outside. Tim has completely spiffed it up and built me benches (so far there are 3 beautiful white benches!!). If you want to see pictures of him working on the table/benches check out my flickr


nancyturtle said...

Great recycling job! Did Tim get a summer haircut?

rosebud101 said...

Wow! You really work hard at this, don't you? Whoever is lucky enough to purchase one of your mobiles is very lucky indeed.

Naomi said...

Nice!!!!! I need to get Yed working on that too!