Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Weather

Its so damn hot here in Portland right now. I swear the weather is laughing at us. We all love P-Town for the "mild" weather and frequent drizzly days.... too bad this year we got a full on frozen snowy winter and now a hot hot hot summer. Not so mild if you ask me. Its like a weather smack down.

So I am up early and outside trying to enjoy the brief few hours of cool temps before the hot hot hot sets in. Yesterday I did this too. I got up early and then went outside and took a nap in my hammock, then I got some work done on my picnic table... although work in this weather is a bit strange... thinking in this heat is difficult.
I sorta love hot weather, everything looks so beautiful in the sun... but I do not have AC and my body/mind gets sick of the heat eventually. Yesterday when the thermometers got up above 105degrees I ended up going to the Mall with my brother and boyfriend. We wandered uselessly, loitering in the bookstore, lingering by the ice rink (yes there is an ice rink in the mall here in Portland), I bought some squishy slippers that were on sale at Brookstone (because warm fuzzy slippers are what I need in this heat?!) and then we hid out in the movie theater and watched Harry Potter. I haven't been a mall rat since I was a pre-teen, but what can I say, it was a cool 75degrees in the mall, and that was nice!

Anyhow, I am just whining about the heat (did I mention the humidity). No biggy. It will pass eventually :)
The last picture here is also from working outside yesterday... its earring cards that my friend Jan punches for me... Jan is a bookbinder and she has lots of scraps of different colored paper. I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to my friend Jan for the colorful earring cards!!

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