Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portland Etsy Meet-up

Tonight at the Doug Fir here in P-town at 7pm Etsy is hosting a get together. Maria, Matt and Anda are all in town from Brooklyn to talk about Etsy and answer questions, a little Q+A action with a meet n' greet kinda affair. I will be there, will you?
Riding a Portland city bus around with Matt and Maria Thomas.... on Twitpic
Its fun having Etsy celeb's in town. The picture above is from Anda's tweets - they got into town yesturday and walked around, here they are taking a Tri-Met bus. Last night I joined them for dinner at The Farm and I got to meet the sellers behind TheBlackApple and AshleyG.

I love talking shop, and talking Etsy and networking with other crafty entrepreneurs, so this whole Etsy Get-together action is like being a kid in a candy store. I am looking forward to seeing my Etsy seller friends that I haven't seen in a while, and I am sure I will probably meet more tonight as well.

I woke up with thoughts today about my Etsy shop, how I should invest more time and energy into it. My shop desperately needs a jump start. Its nice to have this Etsy action in town to stimulate my interest... it seemed like a big question last night was "What can Etsy do for you." and that has got me really thinking... I am not sure really, but if I think of something I will let them know :)

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shopPOPKO said...

hey you psyched me out! for a split second i thought everyone was in MY town, called p-town. i was panicked that i was missing something, but quickly realized you were talking about portland, not provincetown. phew!